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Born from decades of precision-engineered drivetrains, HYPERGLIDE+ is the latest iteration of Shimano’s premium shifting performance. Now available on DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA 12-speed road cassettes, HYPERGLIDE+ lets riders shift smoothly and securely up and down the cassette without letting off the gas.

Now, race-winning attacks are more efficient. Accelerations up climbs are uninterrupted. Maximum efforts in flat-out field sprints are secure and continuous. Even leisurely spins are more relaxed thanks to the reliable and crisp gear changes of HYPERGLIDE+.

Shimano DURA-ACE road bike parts

History of HYPERGLIDE+

Shimano first introduced its revolutionary HYPERGLIDE technology in the 1980s, which rocked the cycling world as it helped significantly improve the shifting experience and race performance. With this new design, Shimano’s HYPERGLIDE cassettes featured ramps on the individual teeth that allowed riders to shift up the cassette into an easier gear with the chain under load.

Fast forward 30 years, and Shimano shook the industry again with HYPERGLIDE+ technology that was introduced alongside its flagship XTR M9100 group in 2018. The new HYPERGLIDE+ expanded on Shimano's proven shifting technology and cassette design, featuring new shift ramp designs that allowed shifting up AND down the cassette under load. That means riders can shift under load in either direction and still get Shimano's hallmark smooth and reliable performance.

Shimano XTR M9100 MTB cassette covered in mud

Since making its debut on Shimano MTB product, HYPERGLIDE+ technology has seen tremendous success. Both Tom Pidcock and Pauline Ferand-Prevot rode HYPERGLIDE+ equipped XTR groups to world championship wins in 2023, and countless pro, amateur, and everyday riders have appreciated the advanced shifting as well.

Bringing HYPERGLIDE+ technology to the road proved a challenge, though, as the tighter gear steps found on road cassettes required Shimano engineers to hone their precision design and production techniques. But with over 100 years of manufacturing expertise in drivetrains–in fact, Shimano's very first product was a gear cog–the teams were able to bring this ride-changing, race-winning technology to drop bars. The introduction of HYPERGLIDE+ to DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA premium road groups means that each shift, up or down, is secure and uninterrupted.


Technology updates to the cassette and chain are key to HYPERGLIDE+ and its ability to deliver secure and continuous shifts.

On the cassette, precision-engineered shift ramps have been added between each cog, which guides the chain through each gear shift, both up and down. Additionally, gear teeth have been refined to boost chain retention throughout each shift. The combination of these shift ramps and cog teeth keep the chain continuously engaged with the cassette, so the chain never jumps between cogs during a shift.

Shimano Hyperglide+ road bike cassette DURA-ACE r9100

On the chain, redesigned inner link plates complement the cassette shift ramps. The inner link plates have been extended to create an even more secure connection between the chain and gear teeth. Increasing the surface area of contact reduces chain vibration normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the cogs. This results in better chain engagement, stronger retention, and more efficient pedaling on varying roads and surfaces throughout every shift.

Where to Find HYPERGLIDE+ for Road and Gravel

All 12-speed DURA-ACE R9200 and ULTEGRA R8100 groups come stock with HYPERGLIDE+. For the gravel riders, 12-speed GRX groups also benefit from the same technology. While 12-speed 105 cassettes do not have HYPERGLIDE+, the entire group is compatible with R9200 and R8100 cassettes. That means a rider with the latest generation of Shimano 105 Di2 or mechanical groups can get the chain retention that reliably wins WorldTour races by upgrading their cassette to ULTEGRA R8100 or DURA-ACE R9200.

shimano road bikes with hyperglide+ shift ramps

Shifting Toward the Futures

The introduction of HYPERGLIDE+ to 12-speed ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE groups means that road riders can now enjoy secure, reliable, and uninterrupted shifts up and down the cassette. Whether you’re sprinting for WordTour wins, dashing for group ride glory, or rolling to the local café, HYPERGLIDE+ makes every shift better.

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