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Shimano Human Science

At Shimano our design philosophy is ‘The Science of Speed’. Everything we do is for the purpose of faster, more efficient riding for everyone, from weekend warriors to the pro peloton.

We apply that philosophy to our Neutral Service too – a fast, efficient, expert team of mechanics and drivers who serve the world’s best riders in the races we love.

But who are the humans behind that Science of Speed?

In a new content series – Human Science – we will be joining the Shimano Neutral Service team members at some of the year’s biggest races, spending a day in their life as we get to know them and learn exactly what it takes to serve these riders on the world stage when the pressure is high.

Episode 3: Benjamin Glize at the Tour de France.

In this episode we meet our versatile team member Benjamin Glize. Benjamin is skilled as both a mechanic and driver, and lead the Shimano mechanic team at the Tour de France this year.

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