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Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we know what you are thinking about. It’s right there in the back of your head; the thought of jumping on your bike and conquering the road. You’re not alone. All road bike fanatics feel the same. Don’t suppress it. Let your mind drift off, to that road you always find yourself on. Or the one you haven’t conquered, yet. Feel the texture of the road. Feel the wind on your face, imagine the silence surrounding you except for the monotonous mantra of your rear hub.

Feels good right?

Now, hold that thought right there. Think about your gear at this very moment. Think about your parts. It’s all running smoothly, right? Probably like the day you took your bike out for its first ride. You’re not alone. Nobody is dreaming about hitting the road on a bike that isn’t properly maintained. The good news is, the feeling of #newbikeday is much closer than you might think.

Let’s skip to the moment when you’re actually on your bike. We want you to feel free. Nothing on your mind except the road ahead of you. Your bike should add to this experience. At Shimano we want you to embrace the feeling of being one with your bike and the road. We want you to take on any road, no matter the distance or climb with peace of mind; confident that your cassette, chain or brake pads will never let you down.

Everything above, and that feeling you just felt? That’s well within reach. All it takes is the right maintenance and the right parts. Don’t compromise when choosing new parts. The best way to sustain the perfect collaboration between parts that we achieved with System Engineering, is to replace used Shimano original parts with new Shimano original parts.

two workers making maintenance

Heading out soon? First check which parts need maintenance! It’s always better to replace parts before they are worn out. Head out with your bike feeling as good as new. With new Shimano Original parts, everyday will feel like #newbikeday! If you need help, get support from your closest Shimano Service Center. Find yours at: Dealer locator.

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