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We Ride, We Rule.

You think this is our time? Think again. We’ve always been around, doing our own thing, finding our own way, breaking down barriers. Because we rule. From the first females who secretly took part in men's races back in the days to modern day pros standing up for equality in cycling. From solo adventurers exploring their own boundaries to you and your friends heading out for a social spin. Every woman riding paves the way for all women riding.

We share the same road

Yes, cycling had some catching up to do, but things are changing rapidly. More and more of us embrace the beauty of the sport and the freedom of the road. It doesn’t matter if we’re a racing as pros or going for a social spin, we enjoy the same speed, the same thrill, the same sense of being exactly where we want to be.

Made to fit

SHIMANO has always stood by female cyclists. Today we are doing that bigger and bolder than ever before. With a full range of specific women’s gear. Designed with and for women, from aero kit to outfits for casual or more adventurous rides. This way you’ll always wear the kit that is made to fit and match your way of riding.

Make every stroke count

Serious rides or races where performance counts with every pedal stroke: look no further than the Yuri range of (bib) shorts and jerseys. Sophisticated designs, well thought out technical details like flatlock seams, aero sleeves and lightweight materials crafted into a women specific cut makes this kit of choice for women who want to go faster.

Rely on your kit

The Sumire jerseys and shorts are made for rides that take you further out, when you really need to rely on your kit. The Mizuki range offers fresh designs and a more casual fit at a very attractive price point. So no matter what style or level you enjoy to ride, Shimano has the kit that matches it.

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