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SHIMANO wheels benefit from over 100 years of engineering expertise and experience, and the latest crop of 12-speed wheels sprung from an extensive history of racing and riding excellence. SHIMANO's performance road wheelsets are organized into three tiers: DURA-ACE for unsurpassed race performance, ULTEGRA for the discerning enthusiast, and SHIMANO 105-level RS710 wheels built for reliability and value.

Shimano Ultegra Wheels R8100

When deciding which wheels are right for you and your riding style, start by narrowing things down based on rim material, rim depth, rim width, and freehub type. But first, it's worth noting a couple of constants of SHIMANO wheels, regardless of the group level.

  • SHIMANO's high-performance road wheel families roll out of the factory tubeless ready, with tape and valve stems preinstalled from the moment they’re pulled out of the box. 

  • All SHIMANO high-performance road wheels come stock with Center Lock disc brake mounts, which secure disc brake rotors to the hub with a single lock ring instead of multiple small loose bolts. SHIMANO Center Lock rotors are engineered to work seamlessly with SHIMANO wheels and brakes, delivering peak performance when used as a system.

  • SHIMANO’s new high-performance road wheels, with the sole exception of the new 12-speed R9200 DURA-ACE wheels, feature a backward-compatible freehub design. This means that both 11- and 12-speed drivetrains are compatible with the ULTEGRA and R8100 and 105-level RS710 wheels, ensuring that a wide range of wheel options remain open to discerning racers, enthusiasts, and joy riders.
Riding Shimano Ultegra Road Bike wheels carbon

SHIMANO Road Wheel Series

DURA-ACE R9200 – For ultimate 12-speed performance and exceptional reliability. No sacrifice is made with these premium wheels when it comes to absolute speed, acceleration, and materials. Note that DURA-ACE R9200 wheels are only compatible with SHIMANO 12-speed cassettes.

Shimano DURA-ACE carbon road bike wheel

ULTEGRA R8100 – With trickledown high-performance technology and refined design, the ULTEGRA R8100 wheels are built with more value-oriented materials to balance performance and cost. These wheels are backward-compatible and work seamlessly with SHIMANO 11-speed road groups and the new 12-speed groups. 

Shimano carbon road bike wheels

SHIMANO RS710 Road Wheels – Sharing DNA with DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA wheel options, the new SHIMANO 105-level RS710 wheels deliver an optimal balance of performance design elements, reliable construction, and value materials. Like the ULTEGRA R8100 wheels, the RS710 wheels are compatible with both 11- and 12-speed drivetrains. 

Shimano carbon road bike wheels and 105 Di2 road bike

Rim Dept

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C36 – For Fast Accelerations and Climbing Delivering the lowest rotational weight and quick acceleration, SHIMANO’s C36 rim depth is for riders who live for ultimate responsiveness for punchy attacks on the flats, steep ramps on killer climbs, or snappy sprints at the finish line. 

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C50/C46 – Perfect Mix of Aerodynamics and Weight For riders seeking the perfect blend of flat-out speed and climbing capability, the C50 and C46 wheels are the ultimate all-around rim depth, ready to tackle any terrain, any pace, and any wind direction. 

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C60 – The Ultimate Aerodynamic Advantage Whether you’re a breakaway specialist, zeroed in on time trials, or planning a long solo attack off the front, the C60 is tailor-made to maximize efficiency and slip through the wind while providing maximum lateral rigidity for the most powerful sprints.

Shimano DURA-ACE road bike wheels carbon

Rim Material

Carbon – SHIMANO premium carbon road wheels deliver the best blend of lightweight strength, aerodynamic rim shape, and lateral stiffness. This is achieved through precision-engineered design, layups, and resin formulas. All new wheelsets for R9200, R8100, and non-series RS710 wheels feature this technology, but each tier differs in the material, layup, resin, and finishing.

Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-speed road bike with shimano carbon wheels

Rim Width

Wider Aero Profiles – SHIMANO’s new carbon rims all feature a modern 21 mm internal rim width to maximize aerodynamic efficiency in front and crosswinds. This also allows a larger contact patch for today’s wider tire norms (25, 28, and 30c), which provides maximum grip and ride comfort. All R9200, R8100, and RS710 wheels feature the same premium design, just made from different layups.

Shimano Road bike wheel width


12-Speed Only – In the pursuit of ultimate performance, Shimano designed the 9200 Dura-Ace freehub with all-new HYPERGLIDE L2 technology for maximum power transfer and minimum weight. The freehub features lightweight aluminum construction with a new spline design to prevent excessive gouging from the cassette over time. Due to this new construction and spline design, DURA-ACE wheels are only compatible with 12-speed road cassettes and drivetrains.

Shimano Dura-ace road bike free hub body

11- or 12-Speed Compatibility – New SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8100 and the RS710 Carbon Wheels (C36 and C46) feature backward-compatible freehubs that will work with all SHIMANO 11- and 12-speed road cassettes.

DIRECT ENGAGEMENT – Get maximum power transfer and immediate acceleration thanks to the more robust engagement mechanisms engineered into R9200, R8100, and RS710 hubs.

riding a road bike with Shimano Carbon road bike wheels

E-Thru Axles – SHIMANO's tool-less front and rear thru-axle technology allows for maximum lateral rigidity while maintaining ease of removal and installation. That means quicker, more straightforward wheel changes and repairs on the road.

Shimano Carbon road bike wheels

Put it All Together for The Perfect Complete Package

Start with the series that best fits your needs and riding style, and then fine-tune from there with preferred depth and rim type. With tubeless compatibility right out of the box and easy E-Thru Axles, these new SHIMANO wheelsets will have you rolling on fresh hoops in no time.

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