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S-PHYRE Leggera Short Sleeve Jersey


S-PHYRE Leggera Short Sleeve Jersey

  • Sleek aerodynamic fit tightly conforms to the upper-body to squeeze out drag-inducing wrinkles.
  • Extremely lightweight knitted material with breathable mesh side panels and sleeves efficiently support muscles while venting heat.
  • Longer sleeves made with closely-knit mesh provide sun protection and muscle support.
  • Stretchy and lightweight silicone-infused rear hem provides an unparalleled fit that stays put.
  • Flat-lying pockets with elastic inner flap keep contents secure while maintaining easy access with gloves.
  • The sleeves and side panels of this product are made of UPF level 20 material.

Magical fit

The unifying at the heart of every S‑PHYRE item is it's unbelievable fit. Years of research, testing and feedback decide the ideal fit for each S‑PHYRE product.
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