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Replacing with Shimano Original Parts

Your bike, or bikes, should be your pride and joy. With proper maintenance, a bicycle can be more than an efficient means of getting from A to B. More than a tool to improve your fitness or to race your friends and rivals. It can be a source of joy and freedom. A powerful machine that deserves your loving care.

Bicycles are increasingly fine-tuned and complex machines. This has allowed people to ride further and faster, with greater efficiency. This does mean that, particularly on fine-tuned race bikes, the parts have become increasingly specialized.

Replacing your worn components with the correct Shimano Original Parts will ensure that your bicycle continues to function smoothly and ride as it did when it was brand new. They also play a critical role in your safety, are engineered to last and will help maintain the value of your bike.

Shimano has produced a thorough Original Parts Selector, listing the components and series developed to function together – as a single, all-encompassing cycling unit.

Benefits of Shimano Original Parts

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Shimano system components

Made to work together in perfect harmony.

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No compromise

Shimano Original Parts precisely match Shimano components.

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Preserving the value

Shimano Original Parts help preserve your bike's value.

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Always state of the art

Our parts are constantly updated in line with series development.

Caring for your Bike: Ride with confidence on a well-maintained bicycle

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