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Peak performance does not happen by chance. It is not achieved through luck or simple good fortune. It is a choice. A mindset. A way of life. To achieve your potential you must set rigid standards and rigorously stick to them.

You realize that what matters is not what you do now and then. It is what you do every hour of every day. You notice the details within the details and understand that they make all the difference. Every decision, every action has a consequence. You either fully commit to the work you put in or it is a compromise. There is no middle ground.

And you know this, because you want the very best. You are not afraid to do the work. You get up early. You put in the miles. You push hard through each interval. You finish each training session strong no matter how bad your legs ache or how much your mind tells you it’s okay to sit up just this once. Nope. Not this time. Not next time. Not ever. To compromise is to concede.

You demand the same from your bike. It must be fast. It must be precise. It must be 100 percent reliable. That’s why it must be Shimano DURA-ACE R9200, the new benchmark in road racing performance.

Developed with the world’s best athletes and bicycle component developers utilizing the Science of Speed design concept, Shimano left no stone unturned during a painstaking process that included closely scrutinizing product performances in the laboratory and the real-world.

The end result is the DURA-ACE R9200 series component group which features an ultra-efficient 12-speed drivetrain, reliable wireless cockpit, highly refined ergonomics, all-new wheels, an enhanced brake system, and integrated digital technology engineered for riders like you. For riders who never compromise.

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