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In the Shimano Human Science series, we follow the mechanics and drivers of the blue Shimano Neutral Service team at the world's biggest and most prestigious classics and grand tours. Join us behind the scenes and meet Pauline, France’s three-time MTB champion with a passion for all bikes – self-powered and motorized alike.

Pauline is an avid cyclist who works at the Shimano Service Center in Normandy's Pont-Audemer. Whenever she's not in the workshop, she can be found riding the Shimano Neutral Service motorbike during some of the year's most challenging races.

For Pauline, bikes represent a kind of freedom. Being part of the Neutral Service team means she can actively help riders in challenging situations. Riding on the back of the nimble motorbike means reaching places her car-bound colleagues can't. Learn more about Pauline's work and passion in the latest installment of Shimano Human Science at Paris-Roubaix.

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