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If groupsets are like rockstars, and we think they are, the SHIMANO 105 Mechanical 12-speed could be Bruce Springsteen. Ever-professional performance, incomparable longevity, balancing roughneck beauty and that pure joy that comes from doing things in a classic way. Learn all there is to know about our only premium mechanical groupset.

This article covers the SHIMANO 105 7100 Mechanical 12-speed. The groupset takes top-notch tech integration to a whole new level. With a little something for everyone. Let’s dive into the basics of the groupset. Where does it excel? And why is it an excellent choice for you?

Mechanical Magic

In the landscape of cycling components, it can prove difficult to figure out which groupset is right for you. Finding YOUR fast is about understanding the range of choices and figuring out what works. That’s why our premium 12-speed groupset family consists of components catering to all different technical, practical and economic requirements. Because every rider is built differently. With different component needs.

Before reading up on online reviews or watching YouTube deep dives on the details of each specific setup, you may want to ask yourself an important question: what do I need and want from my groupset? In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the SHIMANO 105 Mechanical, a groupset that delivers a brilliant low-fuss to high-joy ratio.

The latest 12-speed SHIMANO 105 Mechanical groupset features some subtle yet significant upgrades: 

  • Extra sprocket in the back
  • Refined levers for people of various hand sizes, reducing distance to lever access
  • Upgraded braking performance through completely redesigned calipers
  • The sub 1:1 gear ratio option makes tougher climbs more manageable

    Pedals: Born to run

    We want our ride to reflect who we are. And when it does, cycling becomes instinctive. Every corner, acceleration, descent and sprint will feel natural. When everything clicks. That’s why the SHIMANO 105 lineup also includes the PD-R7000 pedals, offering just that. An integrated approach in terms of power transfer. Exactly what you need to find your fast.

    The pedals are strong and durable where needed using carbon and composite material, they are ideal for endless competitive and comfortable kilometers.

    Wheels for the Boss

    Seasoned cyclists will attest that one of the biggest upgrades you can add to your bike is the wheels. Having a smoother-spinning, lighter wheelset will reduce drag and rotating mass, improving the responsiveness of the bike and can change the way your bike feels immensely. At Shimano, we maintain complete control over every aspect of wheel design, which is why you see them winning races all over the world.

    Balance weight, comfort and real-world performance with the new SHIMANO WH-RS710 wheels. They feature a full carbon, tubeless-ready rim and share key design features with their ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE siblings.

    • For the WH-RS710, we updated the rim to 21 mm to fit road tires of 25 mm and up, adding stability and control. Rim height has been upgraded to 32 and 46-millimeter versions for all your speed and aero needs.

    The difference between Mechanical and Di2

    Mechanical and Di2 each have their distinct features. Most importantly, mechanical is completely analog. Both use tech that has been tried and tested in our other top-of-the-line ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE groupsets. This saves costs and makes premium mechanical shifting accessible to even more road cyclists.

    • The SHIMANO 105 Mechanical 12-speed groupset has a new long-cage rear derailleur that accommodates up to a 36-teeth cassette, offering the widest range of gearing of all our current road groupsets.
    • The sub 1:1 ratio with the 50/34 chainring in the front and the 11-36 cassette in the back is useful when you want to head out to tackle some seriously steep mountains.

    Completing your SHIMANO 105 Mechanical 12-speed groupset with matching wheels and pedals will help enhance your overall riding experience as in today's cycling, the magic is found in the nano-millimeters. Your bike will also look the part too, just like The Boss. Discover the full SHIMANO 105 lineup online, at your local Shimano Service Center or reseller and elevate your ride today.

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