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HOLLOWTECH II Crankset 2x12 speed

An integral part of Shimano's new 12-speed road lineup, the FC-R8100 crank builds upon Shimano's legendary front shifting and transmission efficiency. With new refinements for seamless 12-speed shifting, the Ultegra crank is now offered in lengths from 160 to 175mm, bringining performance and improved fit for smaller riders, triathletes, and riders with specific biomechanic requirements.

  • Optimal balance of stiffness, strength, weight and rotational performance
  • HOLLOWGLIDE structure cuts weight yet maintains strength for better power transfer and quicker, more precise front shifting
  • 52-36 and 50-34 chainring options

Dual-sided Power Meter HOLLOWTECH II Crankset

Scientific training requires accurate measurement and user-friendliness and the new Ultegra R8100 power meter has both. Its dual-sided measurement is accurate within 2.0% and zero offset calibration is a quick and easy process. Perhaps most importantly, its long battery life, easy recharge, and ANT+ and Bluetooth LE connectivity makes using and recording your workouts easier than ever.

  • Integrated, waterproof, and rechargeable Li-ion battery (Up to 300+ hours of ride time)
  • < 2.0% strain gage accuracy throughout the entire calibration range
  • Simple and intuitive zero offset calibration with switch on transmitter
  • Active temperature compensation

HYPERGLIDE+ Cassette Sprocket (12-speed)

Shimano HYPERGLIDE+ cassettes revolutionized offroad shifting with its seamless shifts both up and down the gear range. Now it's time for the technology to change road cycling. Even during maximal efforts up a climb or racing a friend, riders no longer need to back off to perform a shift. In any gear, Shimano Ultegra R8150 drivetrains maximize efficiency thanks to larger cogs and retain compatibility with existing Hyperglide freehub bodies. All this while increasing to 12-gears, Ultegra CS-R8100 cassettes are the new paradigm in road shifting.

  • Refined 12 step gear combination provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every racing situation
  • Faster, smoother shifts under maximum pedaling force
  • Compatible with new 12-speed and road 11-speed FREEHUB body


With the fastest, most accurate shifting on the market, the new 12-speed Ultegra R8150 rear derailleur is more versatile than ever thanks to a single cage length option compatible with 11-28, 11-30, and 11-34 cassettes.

  • Fastest ever rear shifting, 58% faster than RD-R9150
  • Compact design includes an integrated wireless unit, charger, switch
  • LED status indicator (battery, pairing , adjust mode, synchro shift)
  • Wider range capacity with a max low sprocket of : 34 T

Front Derailleur

Combining SHIMANO's new DI2 platform and the road incarnation of Hyperglide+, the Ultegra R8150 front derailleur shifts between chainrings with the fastest, most seamless action on the market.

  • Fastest ever front shifting, 45% faster than FD-R9150
  • Smaller, sleeker, lighter thanks to a reduced frontal area by 33% and a weight cut to 116g
  • Top gear teeth capacity: 50-54T

Hydraulic Disc Brake DUAL CONTROL LEVER (2x12-speed)

Shimano's new Ultegra ST-R8170 brake levers bring enhanced modulation and control to every ride by employing Shimano's proven SERVO WAVE technology. The all-new DI2 platform, used on both Dura-Ace and Ultegra, untethers the shifters while delivering the world's fastest, most reliable wireless shifting. Your time on the bike is precious, let Shimano make it even better.

  • Clean Cockpit: Wireless connection enhances the aerodynamic effect and easy maintenance
  • Unparalleled ergonomics engineering refined with pros' feedback
  • Optimized brake control with lighter, smoother lever action and enhanced modulation thanks to an expended braking control area
  • High electronic energy efficiency. 1.5 to 2 years of battery life with easy-to-change CR1632 shifter batteries
  • Also available in a rim brake version

Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

The Ultegra R8170 disc brake caliper brings a new level of control to the road cycling world with enhanced modulation and a quicker initial braking point. Despite its smaller construction, the system is quieter than ever and easier to maintain.

  • 10% wider pad clearance decreases brake noise
  • Maintenance-friendly bleeding process

C36 Tubeless Disc Brake Wheel

The speed and efficiency of tubeless tires, the every day performance of a shallow, aero-profile carbon rim, and the convenience of 11 and 12-speed compatibility, the new Ultegra R8170 C36 wheelset is an upgrade for any road bike.

  • 36 mm height full carbon rim
  • Internal rim width: 21 mm
  • Shared rim profile with new DURA-ACE wheels

C50 Tubeless Disc Brake Wheel

Internal rim width: 21 mm Summiting climbs, carving descents, or cruising the flats, the new C50 is the jack of all trades among the new Ultegra R8170 wheel lineup. The tubeless, carbon rim features a 21mm internal width that pairs nicely with wider, modern tires while the Hyperglide cassette body is compatible with 11 and 12-speed cassettes.

  • 50 mm height full carbon rim
  • Internal rim width: 21 mm
  • Shared rim profile with new DURA-ACE wheels

C60 Tubeless Disc Brake Wheel

For situations where aerodynamics are the priority, the new Ultegra R8170 C60 wheelset features an all-carbon, 21mm internal, tubeless compatible rim and a super-fast cup and cone bearing hub that is compatible with both 12 and 11-speed cassettes.

  • 60 mm height full carbon rim
  • Internal rim width: 21 mm
  • Shared rim profile with new DURA-ACE wheels