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Bicycles are powerful tools for so much more than reaching finish lines quickly. Sure, a little healthy competition is good fun, but real power and purpose come from the collaborative spirit of riding together. 


Bikes, rolling tools of empowerment, are for everyone. They make us healthier. They keep us happier. They inspire us to better ourselves and those around us. They build and strengthen our communities. Bicycles give us great friends, unforgettable experiences, and a sense of belonging to those near and far. 


Shimano Road Crew Logo


The Road Crew is a collective of inspiring individuals harnessing the positive power of the bicycle to accomplish important work within their respective communities. 


Shimano is honored to amplify and support their efforts, efforts that promote inclusivity and open dialogue. Efforts that encourage everyone to enjoy the ride, no matter where they are from, who they are, or why they ride. Anyone, anywhere who throws a leg over a bike should be celebrated. 


The individual work of the amazing humans below makes up the collective spirit of the Road Crew. They are building a better biking world for all of us, bringing us closer together through our genuine love over a shared bicycle experience. 


Meet the Road Crew 


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